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Wreck This Journal part 4. February 17, 2012

Posted by phoenixaeon in Art, WTJ.

I decided that I needed to do some wrecking after the post last night, so I spent yesterday evening and cutouts of today indulging in creative sweetness.

Rip it up and staple together.

This is a combination of two consecutive pages: tear strips, rip it up and staple, glue or tape these pages together. I’d had a plan for this page for a while, and it was the reason I’d bought the kimono pattern origami paper. I wanted some volume on the page, so I took three sheets of origami paper and tore the pages roughly to size. I patterned the original page before stapling the origami paper and the two pages together. Then I tore strips (obviously!). I wanted the strips to look like a pair of opened curtains, so the instructions on the page below could be partially seen. The picture of Cthulhu was something that I found in a magazine and couldn’t resist adding it to the finished page.

Trace things from your bag. Another Ronseal moment...

Front cover.

I wanted the front cover to be somewhat representative of what could be found inside the journal, but I wanted to keep some of the things already on the front, like the Hello Kitty sticker and the Moshi Monster sticker that Princi had embellished it with. So, after some glitter glue, torn origami paper, planet stickers, post-it notes, circly plastic stuff, fridge magnets, selotape, and a pressed flower, this is the result. And yes, I know that Ally is spelled wrong, but lack of space and a second ‘l’ fridge magnet meant that Aly it had to be. Still, I’m actually quite happy with it.

And on that happy note, *poof*, I’m off for tea!



1. xlalalalisax - February 22, 2012

I love all of these…I like the idea of the torn page being open curtains – very nice!! And I love your cover, it’s so cheerful! 🙂

2. btalk21 - February 21, 2012

You have been nominated for a Liebster award!

phoenixaeon - February 21, 2012

Thank you so much!

3. Dad Who Writes (Gabriel) - February 18, 2012

I really need to get more Cthulhu in my life. Am carrying around the complete Lovecraft on my Kindle as a kind of totem. Of what, I’m not entirely sure.

phoenixaeon - February 18, 2012

Yeah, I have the Lovecraft collection on an iPhone app. Still haven’t read it though!

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