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What a week! March 4, 2012

Posted by phoenixaeon in A330, OU, The Principessa Files, TMA04.

This last week has been a tough’un. No, the last two weeks have been tough…

It started off with me panicking about my latest essay.  The wealth of information I had to cram into my walnut completely overwhelmed me and I couldn’t see the wood for the trees. Or, as the case was, the thread for the wool. The essay this time was about how Ovid created a unified narrative in Book VI of Metamorphoses. My first problem came with reading too much about syntagmatic and paradigmatic structure and totally confusing myself. That’s pretty easy to do, believe me! So, I spent last week crying and flustering in a daze of ‘It’s not possible, I can’t do this,’ to this week typing any old rubbish just to clear the cobwebs. But I’ve a draft done now, bibliography and all, and tomorrow I shall read through it one last time before submitting it to the cyber-gods for divine judgement.

Then, a completely new proposition popped up to bite me – well, Princi – on the bum. She was called in for her first audition for an advert for the NSPCC. This came totally out of the blue. We had to quickly arrange a couple of hours off with her school (the call came through on the Tuesday lunchtime (21st Feb) for her to audition on the Wednesday afternoon), work out where we were going, and arrange train travel. She got there and dazzled them with her knowledge of Samuel Pepys and her ability to look sad. Then, on the Friday, we got the text telling us she had a recall. Wow, wow, wow! Again, didn’t expect that! So, back to Manchester on the Sunday, where she dazzled with her knowledge about Edward Jenner and her ability to look sad. And again we waited…

Well, the text came through on Wednesday evening (29th Feb), Princi has been pencilled in to do the advert pending being granted her performance licence. That in itself was a cause for stress as a form needed filling out, a letter from the headmistress was needed, as was a doctor’s note, a photocopy of her birth certificate and two passport photos. All of this had to be arranged right when I was finally in the flow of writing the essay, and photographing Princi is a pain in the bottom at the moment. While this news was a welcome yay, the jab in the finger from the shard of glass from the iPhone screen certainly wasn’t a yay. Princi had accidently dropped it on the Tuesday night during one of her difficult moments – I’d asked her to give the phone to me, and she decided she didn’t want to so she pulled the phone away from my hand and it slipped out of hers – and the screen had cracked. Argh! Not only was she counting on that phone for news about the audition, but it’s my emergency button for when I need help. A huge hoo-haa followed, with Princi first threatening to kill herself (that freaked me out somewhat!) and then saying that instead of that she was going to leave by running away after school the next day (that freaked me out just as much!). After all was sorted out (a punishment of no computer and DVD player until Monday), and a cuddle and long talk, Princi went off to bed still a little tearful.

Wednesday also bore the information that Princi needed a costume for school on Friday for their belated World Book Day dress-up. Crap. We went through the gamut of her favourite characters and finally settled on Edgar the Raven from Marcus Sedgwick’s The Raven Mysteries. Princi ended up wearing one of my tops because it had wing-like sleeves, black trousers and boots, and we found her old witch’s nose and painted that black.

Princi as Edgar the Raven.

So Friday came, as did costume day, the completion of licencing forms, and the completion of the first draft of my essay! Yay! And tomorrow I get my phone back and Princi’s punishment is completed. Woohoo! So no more Princi whining that she has nothing to watch. No more whining about how much she hates punishments and consequences. And no more whining that I am missing my phone!



1. Tapdancing Lexicon - March 4, 2012

Crikey, I bet the killing herself threat was a scare!

Sounds like a nice, intense, period of time.

phoenixaeon - March 5, 2012

She does like to throw me these kick in the gut curveballs. Seven going on seventeen, I tell ya! But we’ve had a long talk about it, so *fingers crossed* I won’t have that again.

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