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By Friday this should all be a distant dream…. Hopefully! May 22, 2012

Posted by phoenixaeon in A330, BtVS, Diablo 3, ECA, End of A330, I am a new kind of crazy!, My poor brain, Mythology, OU.

I’m so close. Like <-> this close. But now the writing of every word is as painful and frustrating as getting Princi to throw her smoothie cartons in the bin. Nigh on impossible!


Yes, I’m talking about the mythology EMA. In the words – or abbreviations – of today’s youth: Oh. Em. Gee! This essay is a headwreck! And 3,000 words for a final essay? That’s just a joke! The should have been more. At least a thousand more! I feel like I’m picking a gnat’s teeth trying to weave my way through the sparseness of this word desert. Holy heck, I tell you. Holy heck! But at least I get to watch Buffy as study. So it’s not all bad.

And soon the studying shall be over! Woohoo!

Who am I kidding? It’s all bad. But as long as I get 70%. I could make do with a pass 2. I won’t say happy, as happiness comes in distinctions, but I doubt I’ll get that with my rubbish. I’m not even sure if I’ve answered the ‘question’/statement. Oh well. Only time will tell.


My lonely and forlorn copy of Diablo 3, slowly being consumed by a small pile of clean clothes.


So, three more days and I should be done. Freedom, here I come! And freedom consists of reading something I am really looking forward to reading, buying a new laptop, and playing Diablo 3. Oh, I’m so excited! Both have been sitting there patiently – the story and the game, that is – quitely calling for me to pay them attention. But Pandora has nearly arrived, and I shall… Oh, best rethink that sentence! That was bordering on uinintended innuendo! Yep. This essay has officially driven me crazy.


So on that note… *disappears in a puff of pinky/purpley shimmery smoke*



1. Dad Who Writes (Gabriel) - June 5, 2012

We’re just ploughing through Season 7 at the moment (which after two killer first episodes is turning into a rather underwritten trudge). We probably got the whole lot for a similar amount, along with Angel (which we’re also watching in parallel!)

In fact, Angel, Buffy and Trueblood seems to be the only TV we’re consuming at the moment. Perhaps we should check our pulses.

2. phoenixaeon - May 23, 2012

D’oh! I missed the rest of your comment… No, they’re not videos. They’re complete seasons on DVD 😀 (3, 5, and 6). And I too got the whole set for about £50 too.

johnhughes21 - May 24, 2012

Have you read Keith Topping’s The Complete Slayer? It’s an episode by episode guide and done from a British perspective. Good book, well worth a read, and quite funny too.

phoenixaeon - May 24, 2012

Ooh, no, I haven’t. Might look into that 😀 But it’s a bit late for the essay. I’m just about to print it out and get it ready for sending.

3. johnhughes21 - May 23, 2012

Ah, the dreaded ECA time … so many memories! Can’t believe you’re complaining about it being only 3000 words though: the fewer the better for me. It just means less to re-draft, edit, filter, rinse and repeat. 3000 is probably standard for an article too, so maybe when you’re done you can send it in for publication. Seriously, there’s loads of interest in Buffy articles.

Speaking of the Buffster; are they videos I see in the picture? I could be mistaken but the boxes are awfully big for DVD cases. The DVDs are pretty cheap these days you know. I got the whole set for £50 on amazon. Now if I can only get them back from my niece …

phoenixaeon - May 23, 2012

Yeah, but they’re Buffy articles with some sort of quality. This essay is totally pants. Oh, yeah. And I’ve finally finished it.

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