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The definition of morning. June 15, 2012

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This morning, Princi skips from her bed and jumps into mine.

“Urg! It’s too early, little Monkey! You can stay there if you go back to sleep,” I say to her.

She snuggles and cuddles for about a minute, but her twitchy, kicky legs let me know that she’s just not going to go back to sleep.

“Mummy? Well, I love you.”

“I love you too. Go back to sleep.”

“But Mummy, do you know that ‘opinion’ means ‘what you think’?”

“Yes. Go back to sleep.”

“What about loquacious?”

I drag my arm from under the warmth of the duvet and do the ‘talk, talk, talk’ action with my hand.

“And Mummy, what’s that word that means I’m very hungry?”

“Famished,” I say, but I know that this isn’t the word she’s looking for. “Ravenous.”

“Yes, ravenous. That’s it.”

“Now go back to sleep.”

Yeah, no such luck. She cuddles my arm for a moment. Then…

“Mummy, what does the H in H2O mean?”

“Hydrogen. Go back to sleep.”

“So that means there’s one hydrogen and two Os then?”

“No. There are two hydrogens and and one O. What does the O stand for in H2O?”


“Well done, that’s right. And do you know that you can draw a little picture of H2O with the O in the middle and two little lines representing the molecular bonds pointing to the Hs?”

A suspicious Princi looks at me questioningly. “No you can’t!”

“Yes you can. It’s called a ‘pictogram’. That’s a picture that represents a word.”

“MUMMY! I know what a pictogram is! You don’t need to tell me!”

“Okay,” I say. My eyelids are still feeling like sleepy portcullises, so I try again. “Then go back to sleep.”

“But Mummy… Do you know what colour the flag of Turkey is?”

I sigh. I’m not going to win. “Red.”

“Ha ha ha! No it’s not! It’s orange!” I can feel her excitement at her false victory. She hates me being right.

“No it’s not. It’s red.” I sit up. There’s no point in trying to sleep. I grab the iPhone and activate the Wi-Fi. I type ‘flag of Turkey’ into google. “Look.”

She looks devastated as she sees the image and reads the text description underneath.

“BUT MY BOOK SAID IT WAS ORANGE! MY BOOK TRICKED ME!” She hmphs a bit, then snuggles back down. “I think I might go back to sleep now.”

Yeah, just as the alarm goes off. Oh well, at least we get to sing along to Queens of the Stone Age now.



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