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I’ll cry if I want to… November 25, 2012

Posted by phoenixaeon in Birthday.

So today was my birthday. It was a good one, as birthdays go, so I don’t feel the need to cry. It wasn’t even overly exciting, but it was perfect for me.


These are the lovely boots my parents chipped in for. My first pair of heels in ten years, but seeing as I don’t need to walk anywhere in them, I have no need to fear them! And a bonus I wasn’t expecting, besides for them being really comfy, was that they actually help the position of my legs when sat in the wheelchair. This means that when I get home and take them off it is easier for me to walk the short distance from the bed to the loo! (Being stuck in the chair for three plus hours is no friend to the bladder!) So yay! for the boots! I loves the boots!

I went for a fab meal with Princi, my bro, my cousin, my best friend and her son. There was much munching and manga-picture taking.



On the way to the restaurant, we noticed a giant snow globe on the street with kids playing with plastic snow. Princi and N ended up in said snow globe before going home (while the rest of us had smiles frozen to our faces as we stood – or sat – in that horrible drenchy-drizzly type rain and watched on.


Princi even got to have her first taste of cycling!


Now I’m tucked up in bed, watching the first biathlon race of the season. A perfect end to a fabulous birthday. Tomorrow I have TMA-ing to look forward to, but in the moments of brain-numbing stupidness and “I can’t do this” panics, I shall restart my brain and my quest for creativity in everyday language with the fab pressie from my cousin:




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