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And herein begins the charge… February 26, 2013

Posted by phoenixaeon in Children's Literature, Damn you evil inner critic I will soon show you my mettle.

Well, I’ve done it. I finally grabbed that scared monkey and swung it by its tail and made it type an email to Roehampton Uni about the distance learning Children’s Literature MA. Eeks! Or, in the words of the monkey – ooo oooo aaaa aaaa! And not only that, but I’ve booked a place on the virtual open day that’s happening on Thursday. And so begins my assault on the evil attack of imposter syndrome. Because really, I don’t feel like I’m good enough to get a place on the course at all, so I was planning on not actually applying despite all my gung-ho-ness in this blog about doing the MA. I am absolutely petrified of taking this step in case I am found out to be dumber than a bag of rubber hammers. *sigh*


That is all.




1. Dad Who Writes (Gabriel) - March 6, 2013

Let me know if its any good! I really feel the need for some more structured learning myself…

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