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Doin’ a l’il dance… May 30, 2013

Posted by phoenixaeon in Degrees, E301, EMA, Essay written, OU, The end of E301.

I have done it! Done, done, done it! I have completed and submitted the last 3,000 word essay for my degree. I’ve probably put on a stone in chocolate, but hell yeah! I’ve done it!

So, the stupidity thing didn’t go well. I was stupid to think it could work. 1,500 words into the demon essay, and the evil cur Writer’s Block attacked. I sank into linguistic despair. The more I struggled to write, the more the quicksand sucked me down. So I ditched the dead weight, and began writing an analysis on my second choice texts: a Facebook conversation written in the pseudo-voice of William Wordsworth and ‘The Tyger’ by William Blake. The quicksand spat me out quick-sharpish.


It has still taken almost a week to write the bugger, but once I made the switch I could breathe again. It was hard going for a while, but the last 1,000-1,500 words seemed to fly by. Okay, it was more than that as I had to go back and cut stuff out because I went over the word count. But today I finally reached the ‘yippee ki yay’ status of the essay. Yippee ki yay!


So that is my degree completed. Five and a half long years of toil. *Fingers crossed* that I pass the course now. The only problem now is, I feel like I’m dangling over the edge of an abyss, wondering where I am going next…



1. P - June 18, 2013

Well Done. If you’re dangling over an abyss still make sure you’ve your favourite socks on, incase your shoes or wellington boots fall off and waggle your feet a lot. If I can find Invisible Dragon I’ll despatch him with some bubbles for you to blow too.

phoenixaeon - July 4, 2013

Heya 😀 Thank you very much. Luckily, I have super-strength velcro on my shoes, so no fear of unwanted shoe lossage. That is when I’m not walking the barefoot path, anyhow!

2. phoenixaeon - May 30, 2013

Hey Lovely! Thank you 😀

How are you and your gorgeous boy? I hope you are both well.
Miss you too xx

3. metajugglamum - May 30, 2013

Well done my Angel. Very. Well. Done!!!
So proud of you and what a relief. You must be feeling a million tonnes lighter right?
Now get yourself out and do something that you really WANT to do – treat yourself and have some fun.
You SO deserve it.
Love to you and to that gorgeous girl of yours.
Miss you xx

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