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A charitable pixie in the making. June 26, 2015

Posted by phoenixaeon in The Principessa Files.
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I am a very proud Mum. I am very proud because Princi did something amazing this week.

Yesterday, before school, Princi looked like this:

Before the great shearing.

Before the great shearing.

and when she returned from her amazingly long day (she had had a taster day at our nearest secondary school, and had then completed an extra hour of tutoring at school) she looked like this:

After the great shearing.

After the great shearing.

The reason for this massive change was that she wanted to do something nice for another child – she wanted to donate her hair to help make a wig for a child who has lost their hair through cancer or another illness. We looked up the Little Princess Trust to find out how we could do this, and this afternoon after school she will be posting her hair to the charity. We also made a small monetary contribution (Princi even donated her pocket money for this week), and The Base Hair Company asked us to donate their fee and tip as well. But that wasn’t enough. She wanted to try to raise enough money to help produce a wig too. So we have set up a JustGiving page to try and raise the £350 needed to produce a wig. It would be, as Princi says, AWESOME if anyone reading this could spare a couple of quid for a good cause.

And that is (one of the reasons) why I am a proud Mum.


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