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‘Lo! How’s you?

I’m Ally, nice to meet you. For many years (mainly school years) I was accused of being an alien because I knew about the solar system. The dinosaur accusations came later. Not being a dinosaur because I’m old – I’m not – but because I had an interest in something other than boys and make-up. You could hear me coming from the other end of the corridor, the cry of Was Not Was’s ‘Walk The Dinosaur‘ echoing throughout, announcing my presence. So, if you are to believe everything you hear, I am an alien dinosaur from the planet Ujimiwassiflip.

If you don’t believe everything you hear, well, you’re missing out! My alien dinosaur alter ego is much more interesting than I am! In my everyday, mundane life, I am a mother to an extremely cheeky ten year old – who makes the mundane not so mundane – and a member of the exclusive Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy club. That keeps me on my toes, I can assure you! Except for when I use my wheels. If only I could have my Robocop cybernetic legs, I’d be a happy bunny. Then I wouldn’t have to use the ED209 style seats found in different areas of the house. It makes for an interesting, if slow, day! 😀

Anyhows, I digress. Please enjoy your stay, and leave a comment if you are so inclined.

Tata for now.

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