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Pheweee! November 6, 2012

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Yay! My result has been returned for the E301 essay I submitted the other week and I am pleased to say I am chuffed with it. I would have been chuffed with 40%, simply because I don’t think I understand the course yet, but I cashed in the bonus. I tumbled my way to 78%! Well happy with that! And even more happy that I have also been given some good feedback to bumble my way into the next essay. Yay! But one thing that pleases me more than that – I am so glad I have a tutor for E301 who doesn’t take two weeks to mark assignments. The last few courses have been horrible for extending the torture of self-doubt and the unknown. So I am doing a little dance for the one week turnaround for this essay.

And I am not the only one pleased with my achievements this week. Princi was awarded a merit ribbon and the coveted class silver cushion on Monday.

Merit Girl! She’s totally awesome!

She was awarded the merit ribbon for, in her words, ‘a fascinating explanation of hieroglyphics in Ancient Egypt. And for using the word ballistic.’ I am a very, very proud Mummy this week.

Kaya is also going to school – she started puppy training two weeks ago. However, while she is doing well there, she isn’t here. She still won’t do her business outside and she has a horrible habit of jumping and nipping at Princi. I am hoping we can work that behaviour out of her soon, as she is getting very big now. She no longer looks like a puppy, she’s all legs, nose and ears. And teeth and claws. And destructo-monster-dog! I am hoping the giant ham-bone she has been given will keep her from destroying plates, toilet rolls, pillows and whatever else she can get her teeth into for at least three days. Fingers crossed!

How she’s changed: Kaya from the first week she was here to now. She is twice as big as she was when she first arrived.

And with that picture, it’s time for me to toddle off and get back to reading and studying. Oh, the joy!


I’m in the mood for love. June 3, 2009

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Well, not me, but the animals at the safari park. We finally made it today, after the plans for Monday had to be put aside when the gardening folks were able to come and clear the garden a couple of hours after we called them. (But yay! Clear garden – apart from the rubbish that is left to go. But there is no longer a miniatrure forest out back! Means I can get my Japanese cherry blossoms and maybe a plum tree, too.) Anyway, back to the animals. As we drove into the park there was a stag having a sniff around one of the does. Into the lion enclosure, and one of the lions was trying it on, while three young lions were trying to attack one of the lionesses. The big daddy lion wasn’t much pleased and chased them off, roaring loudly, before flopping and rolling about on the floor. When we finally got to the elephant enclosure – Princi hadn’t been interested until we got to the elephants, the only animals she wanted to see – there was a bit of heavy petting going on! Princi got out of the car with Aunty Kirst for a walk around, but we left before the ‘bow-wow-chicka-bow-wow’ music started playing.

As for the rest of the animals, Princi didn’t seem much interested. She wanted to read the guide (the guy in the booth asked, ‘Do you want a free guide?’ I said ‘Oh, go on then.’ And the bugger charged me for it!), turn the radio on and dance (she was stood in the footwell in front of me), or generally climb around the car. When we left she was a bit put out, started demanding food (which she never ate!) and kicking up a fuss. This continued when we got home. I think she was particularly irked that the wheelchair was taking up the hallway – I couldn’t get my legs to work enough to get me up the two small front steps, so Skidaddles set the chair up so he could get me back in the house – and it trapped her in the front room.  Oops! She did work out that she could push it out of the way a minute or so later!

As for other things… Still no TMA results. Grrr.

The tennis has been a good watch, even though Andy Murray was knocked out by Fernando Gonzalez yesterday. I think Roger Federer must be chuffed to little mintballs. No Rafa Nadal, Andy Murray or Novak Djokovic. I’m hoping that Robin Soderling can keep up his form, I’d love to see him win it. I think I’d have said that even if Murray was still in the tournament though, because Soderling has played some blistering tennis over the last few days. It’s been really good to see. It’s just a pity that Sorana Cirstea dropped her form after her match against Jelena Jankovic. She was beaten by Samantha Stosur today, but at least Stosur is another name you don’t expect to see in a slam semi-final. I’m looking forward to seeing what happems next.