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Learning to fly. November 17, 2013

Posted by phoenixaeon in Crazy baby, Flying Principessa, MA, Neil Gaiman, The Principessa Files.
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Yep. It’s been a while since I last posted, but I have been sinking under theories hidden in the depths of the fairytale forest. That being said, I’m finding that some of these wolfish critics are maybe a little too attractive, turning me into Little Red and stripping my perceptions and inviting me into bed… Only for me to discover what big concepts they have as they devour my simplistic views on what I thought I knew. Ho hum!

Anyway, I’ve taken a step away from the books today to help Princi learn to fly. She asked me if I thought she could after watching the Neil Gaiman-penned short film that’s circulating around the nininet (thanks for that one, Sleepy Hollow!) at the moment. So we’ve been playing about with carefully timed jumps and clicks that give the impression that she is flying.IMG_4715

As you can see, the timing and framing of some of the shots




didn’t quite cut the mustard…

So we persevered. And then the magic started happening. I know the framing of the last one isn’t *quite* there, but it gives some sense of movement past the camera, as if she’s just zoomed into the room and past me. And it also allowed Princi, for a little moment, to find her invisible wings.




So now I have a happy, flying Principessa. All I need now is to have a happy, not-flapping-around-like-a-fish-in-a-chip-bag me when it comes to getting my head around all of these theories. As long as I have only a few botched frames before the magic clicks, I’ll be chuffed. I do hope it happens soon, as the first piece of written work is due in at the beginning of January. Yikes! *Fingers crossed* that I, like Princi, will fly.

Crazy baby, little monkey. August 8, 2008

Posted by phoenixaeon in Crazy baby, Lennon animation, OU, The 60s, Trust in the story and trust your muse.
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Hmm, that sounds like some weird and wonderful parody of a martial arts film in the same vein as Crouching Tiger…

So, I am trudging through the 60s block with my brains dribbling out of my ears. As much as I like old Arthur’s writing style, I do think he suffered a little with verbal diarrhoea. His repetitive, driving points home affirmations are not what bothers me, it’s all the “in so far”‘s and other little phrases of the sort that pepper each chapter. That is what is driving me up the wall! I can’t wait for this block to be over!

This, however, is both relevant and brilliant!

And I can’t wait for the creative writing course to start. I can feel my Combat Foxes (otherwise known as The Muse) cavorting around in my head, finding interesting phrases and inserting them into interesting situations. I think there is a new story, though an old idea, doing aerobics to get my attention. I am still pondering on whether I should write part of the whole idea as a short story though. Maybe I will, and use it as one of the TMAs. So I shall let it gestate some more.