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And breathe…. March 10, 2012

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Well. After the rigmarole of last week, this week has been a steady, squeaky parp of air from a slowly let down balloon. The essay finally ripped its way from my brain and was submitted to the cyber-sewage works on Monday. It also saw Princi and I reunited with our favourite technologies – DVD and computer for Princi, iPhone for me. Yay! And there endeth the good times.

Wednesday brought the news that the NSPCC had decided they didn’t want to use Princi in their advert. And there is where the deflation of said balloon increased as it screamed around the room and flopped to the floor in a mass of flaccid finality. (Yeah, I used a few f words…) How would I tell Princi? She was so excited about it. I even thought about not telling her and hoping that she’d just forget about it. But that would be wrong, so when she got in from school I called her for a hug and told her the bad news. I needn’t have been worried. She gave me a wide-O shocked face, then shrugged, jumped out of the hug, and went to do some drawing and watch Dexter’s Laboratory. Whereas my disappointment for Princi sent me moping, it didn’t phase her at all. That is one quality that I really hope she keeps.


The Garden of Dexter.

On an up point, I’ve only two more essays to complete and that’s another course towards the degree finished. I can’t believe that this time next year I’ll be nearly done with the last course and the degree. I’m almost excited about it! Though what I’ll do afterwards is still a burning question. I’m still thinking about the MA in children’s literature, but I’m worried about making a fool of myself. At the same time, I’m hankering for the addiction that was sparked during the kidlit course. Sometimes, I hate being indecisive.

Anyways, time to bog off and read some more on muthos and logos, and the beginnings of Ancient Greek cosmology. Oh, to be a foetus living inside a fish-like creature, living on an earth made up of moisture surrounded by thorny bark

But here is evolution of a different kind:


Evolution of a Cybergirl.


Divine whirlwinds and lightning-carrying eagles. October 17, 2011

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Ganymede and the golden eagle of Zeus by Catherine H. Miller

As I’ve moaned about previously, I’m not writing – here on the blog (sorry! Meant to try and write more often) or creatively – but I am now writing academically. My current OU course, Myth in the Greek and Roman Worlds, is in full swing.  This morning, I finally worked the nerve up to press the ‘Submit’ button on the first essay – a three source analysis of the myth of Ganymede. The picture there isn’t one of them, though!

Previous to this assignment, I’d known that Ganymede was something to do with mythology, that this was the alias that Shakespeare gave to Rosalind during her time in the forest of Arden, and through my teenage astronomy addiction that it is one of Jupiter’s moons. I didn’t know what the story was about, or even what it represented in Classical terms. So now to have studied they myth and understand its underlying socio-historic relevance, well… It’s a whole new level of understanding when looking at Ganymede in the forms I am familiar with, and the making of links and theories in my brain makes me happy! I am looking forward to diving deeper into the Classical world now.

So far, I am really enjoying the course. I’ve even met my tutor too, something that doesn’t happen often, but that’s my fault. I find reasons not to go to tutorials, so I’ve decided that I will make an effort to get to my tutorials this year. They are helpful, so I’m only spiting  myself by not going.

But I’m not the only one indulging in ‘the arts’. Princi recently started drama classes, so she’s been coming home telling me how she had to imagine being a strawberry and other things. Over the last week she’s had to learn some poetry, particularly a poem called ‘Sock Song’ by Ian McMillan. I can’t believe how fast she remembers things, she read the poem twice and had it memorised! The same happened with three of the other four poems that were on the sheets she’d brought home. She really does amaze me. Anyway, she was asked to draw a picture of the poem too, so this is what she came up with:

I love that she’s managed to find a place for her latest obsession, with two ‘Pirate Penguin’-style penguins appearing on the picture. And just so you know what I’m on about, this is Pirate Penguin (vs. Ninja Chicken):

Pirate Penguin vs Ninja Chicken by Ray Friesen

So now, with TMA01 thrust on a wing and a prayer into the divine ether of the ‘net, it’s time for me to get reading Hippolytus. What mythic goodness (or tragedy, even) awaits me there?

Argh! It’s a mini beast! May 23, 2010

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So, during a glorious day of sunshine when even Princi found it too warm to play out, we’ve been drawing and watching DVDs. Well, when I say DVDs, I mean one DVD. Robots. It’s her favourite at the moment, despite having free reign over the other DVDs.

Anyways, Princi was happily lying on the floor drawing when all of a sudden she jumped up.

‘Argh! It’s a mini beast!’

She ran over to me, demanding hugs and comforting, before going back to look again.

‘Argh! It’s a horrible mini beast!” she screeched, before picking up a piece of paper. Scooting around to me again, she placed the paper on my knee.

‘This is what it looks like, Mummy,’ she said, and proceeded to draw the culprit. I was stunned that I could identify what it was she was drawing!

‘Oh,’ I said, once she had finished drawing. ‘That’s just an earwig.’

‘Yes, an earwig. But it’s still a horrible mini beast!’

‘It’s OK, it can’t hurt you,’ I said. Then an idea popped into my head. ‘Can you write the word “earwig”?’

(She’s been having trouble writing her letters recently. It was an opportunity to get some practice in.)

‘Oh, yes, I can,’ Princi said. ‘Earwig… That starts with a difficult spelling. E…’

So Princi began to write. Squeee! She’d written the lower case ‘e’ correctly, the first time I’d ever seen her do that without guidance. Then she shocked me again. She knew how to spell ear! I thought she might have been tricked by the ‘e’ sound and miss the ‘a’, but no. I really shouldn’t doubt my daughter! I didn’t know how she’d handle the ‘w’, but no problems. Then the ‘g’ came. She’s never been confident with ‘g’s. But not this time. First time. Pride burst in a big hug and lots of squeeee-ing. A drawing and some writing and spelling, all unassisted. So chuffed!

And here it is.

Princi's earwig.

Princi's earwig.

Artistry. November 14, 2008

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Craze - Princi's favourite and her best, with portrait.

Craze - Princi's favourite and her best toy, with portrait.

Princi has moved into character study and portraiture. Yesterday, out of the blue, she pinched a pen and decided to draw a picture of Craze, her favourite teddy. I just love that she had to use a red crayon to do Craze’s lightning bolt instead of using the pen. She definitely is developing an artistic streak, as well as a knack for words and letters. I think she may be too clever for her own good!

Why the angry ball of fog? August 4, 2008

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Here’s some more Principessa art. I love the little green man/woman – I’m not sure – wearing a very fetching hat. I’m not so sure about the angry green cloud following behind….

Do you think there should be a *parp* noise there too?

April 13, 2008

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I took Principessa to Spaceport today. Grandand came along too, as did Melanie and Nat. We had a great time, although I was unable to sit with everyone during the planetarium show. Bah!

When we got home, Principessa became a scribbling demon! She sat for ages, doodling these pictures. I am so proud of her as she hasn’t been taught to draw people and I just love the little man.

Still struggling with the French Revolution part of the OU course. I can’t tell you how much I despise unwitting testimony right now.

As for sports, I only have the MotoGP to comment on. James Toseland did us proud again, getting 7th place, but having to fight from 11th. He’s not doing bad for his rookie year, me thinks.

Oh, I lie! Have the swimming to talk about too. What a competition! Team GB notched up 24 medals, and three of them were gold. Made up. That’s pretty fantastic.