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Muted happiness. June 20, 2014

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The mintball train is chuffing again, but it’s not chuffing at full speed. It’s been about ten days now since the results were returned for the MA… While I’m happy that I passed with a grade good enough to merit a merit, I’m definitely kicking myself for not taking the time to read through the origins and development essay and simply write it better. I had the time so it’s all my own stupid fault, but I was so frazzled by the time I’d finished both essays that I only gave it a cursory glance over. Stupid, stupid me. Oh, the tortoise would be laughing his socks off at this stupid hare. Hmph.


Anyway. I passed! Yay! So I get to continue with the course. Good fun… Except I’m now crawling deep inside my impenetrable shell in anxious anticipation of the creative writing module. Argh! The evil cur known as the inner critic has already returned while the muse has definitely gone on a bender in the fantastical realms of the unreachable (therefore making them unwritable). Thankfully, I have the summer to massage the stress from my creativity – so out have come all of the creative writing books, writing prompts, and other ‘kickstart your brain into wondrous leaps of imagination’ paraphernalia. I must, I must, I must improve my… muse. One thing, though. I have company on this writing jaunt – Princi has also jumped onto the creative writing wagon and has joined her writing club at school. I am hoping that I can encourage her to continue with it once school breaks for summer. And I am also hoping she manages to retain her innate sense of irony (I will explain this to her one day), as she has already made me laugh with her most recent short story:

Once there was a small, little Veedramon. He was strong but not very special. He went on a short walk but thought “Why am I not special?” After he thought that, he went home and watched TV.



I know she won’t understand what she has done here, but it made me giggle somewhat when I read it this morning. I hope she can learn how to use this purposefully in her writing as she gets older.


So I’m worried about the writing. But I am looking forward to the second half of the next academic year as that’s when I’ll be studying picture books. I love, love, loved the picture book block of the OU children’s lit course, so to delve deeper here will be a joy *fingers crossed*. I can’t wait to dissect picture book codes again, to re-investigate endpapers, to draw meanings from different fonts and their associations to the images in the texts. I am planning to get completely lost in the module and try to absorb as much as I can. And I want to redeem my essay writing and rectify the embarrassment I felt when reading the feedback for these latest essays. And on that note, I’m off to give my muse a workout by doing another writing exercise.

The long-necked eating ostrich. A story by Princi. February 25, 2010

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The long-necked eating ostrich can eat anything.

He ate my alarm clock!

“Riiiiiiinnnnnnngggg!” (Princi shakes like the ostrich shaking when the alarm goes off.)

Then he ate my weather calendar. But he spitted that out because he didn’t like it.


Then he ate my sack. There was jewelry in there, and small things like food, lampshades, books, boxes, and tent rolls that I didn’t get out from earlier. But he spitted that out too!


Then he ate my chair. He liked my chair. But I took it out of him because I liked it more than he did!

Then he ate my medicine. And my golf club. And my castle. And my bag.

Then he drinked my water that I always have when I am sick. But I took that out too, because I liked it more than he did.

So I put him outside for being naughty and left him out there for every night and every day.

I didn’t let the ostrich eat anything again. Except my alarm clock. Then I buyed a new one that rings except when I wake up early in the morning.

The end.

I’m not the only one who makes stories up… February 6, 2009

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Princi decided that she wanted to write a story too. I know she has done this before. Anyway, she dictated and I typed, so this is exactly as she said it.

Princi was walking along the street.

Then Princi heard a noise and it was a monster! She screamed ‘Arrrgghhh!’

Princi was scared.

The street was a bit small now but it was a bit big.

Princi wanted something to eat.

Princi was walking back home.

She writed a story.

‘What is it Princi?’

‘I don’t know.’

I’m writing.

Princi went into the kitchen.

Princi went into the fridge, to get some fruit. There was no more fruit.

Princi said ‘Oh no! The fruit is gone!’

Princi went to the shops to get some more fruit.

Princi getted some Macaroni cheese. Then milk. Princi was thirsty. Princi gets something to drink from the fridge again.

Until the…

‘The drinks are gone!’

Princi said ‘Oh no! The drinks are gone now!

Princi went to the shops again to buy more drinks.

Then Princi wanted something to cuddle in bed. She getted a teddy.

She walked back home and went to bed in her PJs.

Princi fell asleep.

When Princi woke up it was snowing!

Princi went outside to play in the snow. She threw snowballs and made a snowman.

Then it rained, and when Princi woke up again the snow was gone!

‘Oh. Now the snow is gone. I wont be able to play with snow again.’

Then Princi had an idea to get the snow back.

Princi went to speak to the Snow Queen.

Then the snowflakes came. It was snowing again.

Then Princi went to play in the snow again.

Then Princi came in to play with her toys.

The end.

"But my bum is too small!" January 9, 2008

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Don’t you just wish you could say that? Well, that is Principessa’s new moan for when she doesn’t want to do as she is told. “I can’t because my bum is too small!” What can you say to that? Not only that but she put her jeans on before, which in itself is fantastic, but they’re on back to front! She makes me laugh!

She is a genius at work. She is starting to tell more stories now and I love it. The only thing is, they are always about Captain DJ. I am so sick of hearing about Captain DJ. But she is inventing characters too. The other day she told me about the Wire Cat. That sounds like an interesting character. But he seems to be an angry cat, as he wags his tail and scares Captain DJ away.

Over the last few weeks I have been reading the blog by the writer Elizabeth Bear. I think I must have found it on the SF/F Writers Who Blog page. I seem to check in at her blog about two to three times a day now. I am totally immersed in her writing bubble (I just wish some of her motivation and shiny would rub off onto me!) and some of the writing advice she gives is spot on. I think I might have to read a book by her now (I am ashamed to say that I had not heard of her before) because if her fiction is anywhere as good as her blog, then it has to be good!