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Persephone, Cassandra: Forsaken. February 12, 2010

Posted by phoenixaeon in Bendy beds and springy seats are supposed to be good for the health, blogs, Building work, Children's Literature, EA300, OU, Personal Mythology: A Triumvirate, Poetry, TMA04.

Well, it’s been six months to the day since I sent my poems out. There’s been a deafening no response. Ho hum. I wonder if it’s because I used classical mythology? I remember reading a post on the Magma poetry blog asking if poems using classical mythology had a place in contemporary poetry. To my experience, no. No-one wants them. So, as I like them I am going to post them up here.


As for other stuff; yay! I have submitted TMA04. It’s gone! So relieved. As usual it’s a collection of blah, I don’t think it’s very good blah, (oh, distracted by the Tazcat chasing his tail. Daft animal!), but at least it’s done. I wasn’t actually sure I would get through it, as I felt like giving up half way through. Now there are only two more essays left and the dissertation style ECA at the end. Another three months and the course will be finished. Can’t believe I’ve managed to get this far! Hoinka doinka! <– The new congratulatory expression.

The building work. Hmph. That’s come to a nails down a blackboard screeching stop. I should’ve known that it wouldn’t be done in the time frame they gave us, despite the fact that they were three weeks ahead in the first week of work due to good weather. I wouldn’t mind, but it’s mostly done. Kitchen’s in, almost all of the bathroom’s done, the bedroom’s done. There’s a few bits of finishing off – architraves and skirting boards, things like that – but nothing major. Except for paving the patio and constructing the wheelchair ramps round the back and front of the house. But guess what. There are no tradesmen to be seen, and there hasn’t been since about Tuesday. Grrr. Still, I can’t use the rooms yet because I don’t have the bendy bed or the shower chair. So I suppose there’s no rush yet.



1. dadwhowrites - February 12, 2010

Well, I shall read them! You’d think they’d at least send a form letter back – every agency I ever sent my first (now dust-gathering) novel out to at least did me the courtesy of a form rejection letter.

Why do builders ever bother giving timetables and why are we so powerless to get them to stick to them?

phoenixaeon - February 12, 2010

I had an automated email saying they had received the poems, and that they’d get back to me in five months time. But there was nothing after that. So I’ve taken it as rejection. Ah well. ‘Tis all experience.

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